KRONOS QUARTET: IN ACCORD | 56 Min | RM Assoc./ZDF/Arte 1998


Music film based on two concerts of the Kronos Quartet, recorded at Alte Oper in Frankfurt in celebration of their 25 th anniversary.

- Astor Piazzolla: Four, For Tango (1987)
- Terry Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain (1984)
- Hamza El Din: Escalay (1989)
- John Zorn: Cat O’Nine Tails (1988)
- John Adams: John’s Book of Alleged Dances, Ständchen: The Little Serenade (1994)
- Hildegard von Bingen: O Virtus Sapientie (12th century)
- Harry Parch: Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1946)
- Perotin: Viderunt Omnes (12th - 13th century)
- Alfred Schnittke: Collected Songs where Every Verse is Flled with Grief (1984/1985)
- Gabriela Ortiz: Altar de Muertos (1997)
- Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze (1967)

"Since their inception in 1973, the Kronos Quartet has achieved international acclaim for their fresh approach to music. They have sold millions of audio recordings and are responsible for the creation of more than 400 new string quartets. Their unsurpassed dedication to experimentation and visual presentation is applauded at concert halls, clubs and jazz festivals each year. Frequently referred to as the Fab Four of classical music, Kronos has earned six Grammy nominations and won the ASCAP/Chamber Music America Award for Adventurous Programming eight times. From the aching spirituality of "Cadenza on a Night Plain" to the psychedelic anthem "Purple Haze," the Kronos Quartet will enrapture and captivate any music fan." (amazon)

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