My main focus area at the Institut For Music and Media is called Music and Audiovisual Production. The courses aim to impart technical, design and artistic skills. Besides the ability to critically assess recordings, TV programmes and films, the students also develop their own mode of artistic expression. The curriculum offers a foundation module for one semester and afterwards a specialisation module over the course of two semesters. In the following semesters the AV students work independently on films and multi camera recordings.

The foundation module consits of three courses:
- writing and directing
- shooting
- editing 
As a test requirement the students produce a short film (usually a self portrait).

The specialisation module also features three courses:
- audiovisual production
- multi camera production
- post production

Apart from myself there are four additional teachers teaching in AV- Production: Volker Anding, Prof. Ulla Barthold, Florian Boddin and Wolfgang Schukrafft.

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